Practice areas

Vasiljevic Legal provides comprehensive legal services in the following fields of domestic and international law:

Banking & Finance

A specialized team made up of banking and finance attorneys provides effective solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Vasiljevic Legal Team lawyers have obtained a reputation of trusted expert advisers, acting in the interests of prestigious domestic and foreign banks, as well as other financial institutions.

In the field of banking and finance our team provides the following legal services:

  • All types of contracts compilation for the needs of banks
  • Monitoring of legislation in the field of banking operations
  • Representation before the courts
  • Representation of the bank creditors committee
  • Providing legal advice and drafting legal opinions during the bankruptcy proceedings
  • Representing banks as creditors in bankruptcy proceedings

Real estate

Our lawyers’ experience in the field of Real estate includes acquisition and disposition, land use, property rights, environmental requirements, development, leasing, joint ventures etc.

We duly examine the risks, support our clients at every step of initiated proceedings, and provide practical and effective advice in the following activities:

  • Checking the lease terms and advising on occasions of real estates acquisition and disposition
  • Preparation of standard forms, documentation and procedures
  • Analysis of all legal aspects regarding real estates owned by both companies and individuals
  • Defining procedure for real estates acquisition and respective share disposal
  • Preparation of necessary documentation for verifying contracts by the public notary

Securities (Finance)

Equities and bonds are often the result of long-standing work, investments and planning, which is why the legal team is carefully advising clients, taking into account all possible risks and the dynamics of change in this market.

Having this in mind, our attorneys provide clients with the necessary legal assistance, including:

  • Equities and Bonds disputes
  • Tender agreements
  • Representing clients before state authorities and financial institutions
  • Conducting litigations related to securities (finance)

Intellectual property

In the field of intellectual property, Vasiljevic Legal team focuses on following and examining changes in contemporary legislation. Clients, aware of the importance of protecting their rights in this area, approach our team asking for help in protecting the intellectual property of their ideas, and in ensuring that the benefits of their creative work are safe and protected against potential misuse.

No matter whether our clients do business on the Internet, or their field of activities includes  software industry, technology and telecommunications or design solutions, or they have the need  for support in running a brand management strategy, trademarks, etc., they can be assured that we will provide them with adequate legal assistance in order to protect their intellectual property and copyright.

Family law

Due to the specific nature of this type of litigation, representation of clients in the domain of family law involves dealing with sensitive issues. Having in mind this fact, our legal team develops an advisory and individual approach to the clients, thus determining the best course of action in accordance with the clients’ needs and goals.

Lawyers in Vasiljevic Legal team possess years of experience in this field and understand that family issues for a client can be a stressful and emotional process, which is why we are focused on implementing high quality legal services in all areas of family law, including:

  • Annulment of marriage
  • Divorce
  • Partition of joint property
  • Child and other persons support
  • Parental care

Competition law

Global economic expansion has necessitated the need for legal representatives specialized in the field of competition law, as one of the basic factors of the market economy.

Law and regulations enforcement in this field is becoming increasingly complex and market players need to adapt their activities to the new market conditions and competition law frameworks.

Development of regulatory frameworks for domestic and international competition authorities has initiated the need for market actors to tailor their businesses to the given framework.

The support we provide to clients in creating business policy in accordance with the rules of market competition together with the support of state apparatus include:

  • Training of employees in the field of competition law
  • Administrative procedure before the Competition Commission
  • Representation before domestic and foreign regulatory entities
  • Concentration notifications

Business / Corporate law

Vasiljević Legal provides a wide range of legal services for both small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises, while our legal team provides advice on domestic and international business laws and regulations.

Legal services that Vasiljevic Legal team members provide to our clients in the realm of business/corporate law are as follows:

  • Contract preparation
  • Due diligence
  • Public procurement
  • Legal acts analysis before mergers and acquisitions
  • Assistance in the establishment of companies
  • Representation before the state and financial institutions
  • Corporate reorganization and restructuring
  • International mergers and acquisitions
  • Equity and Strategic Investments
  • General consulting in the field of company and trade business
  • Compliance with legal regulations
  • All litigations and other processes resulting from operations between legal entities

Dispute settlement / mediation

We follow contemporary development and requirements of modern business, which records a constant expansion with accelerated changes of business activities and circumstances, where situations of failure to realize the agreements and concluded contracts are inevitable and require activation of legal measures in order to protect the assets or compensate for possible damage.

We strive to reach the most favorable solutions in accordance with the interests of our clients through negotiations and contractual arbitrations, in order to avoid lengthy court proceedings. Our lawyers team services in the field of settling disputes include, inter alia, the following:

  • Representation before the court in mediation processes
  • Representation before regulatory authorities
  • Representation in arbitration proceedings
  • Mediation

Criminal law

The vast experience and practice of our legal team in the field of criminal law makes us confident that we can provide our clients with outstanding legal defense, creating the best possible legal solutions.

Being aware of the consequences these cases can impose on our clients’ lives, they are directly managed by the most experienced members of our legal team. Supporting clients in every stage of proceedings, Vasiljevic Legal team provides a variety of services, including:

  • Individual counseling
  • Creation of a plan and strategy for conducting criminal proceedings
  • Representation in foreclosure proceedings
  • Representation in the capacity of defense counsel or attorney-at-law in criminal proceedings before all courts in the Republic of Serbia
  • Defense activities in the proceedings initiated on the grounds of criminal acts committed against economy

Labour law

The exercise of employee rights is an imperative of every modern society and therefore our labor law attorneys create the most appropriate approach for every client, providing the following legal services:

  • Representation in anti-discrimination and mobbing proceedings
  • Labor law regulations monitoring and regular notification of clients
  • Participation in a collective agreement conclusion process
  • Compilation of warnings on the existence of reasons for terminating the employment contract, decisions on the respective termination, all other legal acts of the company (acts on jobs systematization, work rulebook…)
  • Conducting all labor disputes and representations therein
We understand how terrifying it is, to confront the employer and securing your own employee rights. You may feel powerless. But the truth is that given the right attorney and representative, you have real power.

Bankruptcy law

After many years of successful practice in representing the companies in the region, the team members obtained considerable experience in advising when initiating bankruptcy proceedings.

Vasiljevic Legal Team represents clients as an unbiased observer in this type of procedure, preventing omissions, inappropriate business moves and abuses. Our attorneys are specialized in the provision of legal services as well as expedient and bankruptcy tailored advice, including:

  • Development of pre-prepared reorganization plan and reorganization plan (RP)
  • Debt organizational plan preparation
  • Representation of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings (filing claims)

Tax law

Vasiljevic Legal team can assist you in managing tax control procedures and resolving disputes before competent authorities.

Adequate legal advice in this area can significantly affect the quality of a business transaction, and, in some cases, provide protection against adverse consequences. Most often, clients entrust us with representation of their interests before the tax administration authorities during the control process, as well as in other stages of administrative and judicial proceedings.

We strive to provide clients with the majority of tax law services, including:

  • Tax planning in different types of domestic and international transactions
  • Providing advice in the field of economy taxation
  • Reducing tax costs in accordance with regulations
  • Compliance with tax rules and regulations